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At Literature & Latte, everyone from aspiring and professional writers to students writing a thesis can advance their skills. Check out the writing events and courses, as well as advanced writing software such as Scrivener and its iPad version, Scapple. Literature and Latte is a company that all writers should know about. They have created two brilliant products that will benefit almost anyone who is trying to write a book or story of any kind. Literature and Latte software are fantastic tools but they do come at a cost. May 09,  · Second, there are complaints about Scrivener support from the Literature and Latte website. Folks, the people you are complaining about have left you with a very detailed tutorial. Again, it requires reading. If you can't focus enough to read the tutorial, /5().

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Literature and Latte is a company that all writers should know about. They have created two brilliant products that will benefit almost anyone who is trying to write a book or story of any kind.

Literature and Latte software are fantastic tools but they do come at a cost. Here I have compiled everything you need to know about the Literature and Latte software. At its core, Scrivener is a word processor. It provides a place for you to write and edit your work. In addition to this, it contains many features and abilities that have been designed specifically to help a writer, literature and latte.

This book writing software assists you in several different ways:. While Scrivner does have a lean towards novelists, it has something to offer all types of writers.

The layout is perfect for book-length pieces, but there are many types of writing that can benefit from its vast and comprehensive list of features. This incredible book writing software has so many features available that it would take an encyclopedia to go over each one in full detail. This is why some have taken it upon themselves to actually write a book teaching users how to navigate Scrivener.

It is a comprehensive and easy to understand guide on creating a project in Scrivener 3. This particular book only covers macOS, literature and latte, but a previous version of the book goes over Windows as well. The book is available for purchase directly from the Literature and Latte website. There are other books and guides out there as well, written and distributed independently of Literature and Latte. This just shows you how complex and diverse the program is.

You can also learn a little bit more about some of the features by taking a look at this detailed Scrivener guide that outlines the basics. Scrivener has many little things that make up its impressive functionality. That said, there are a few key features that literature and latte the most popular selling points. The literature and latte is where everything within a Scrivener project is stored. Much of the time a writer ends up literature and latte each part of their project separate.

They have the manuscript, their notes, and their research all in different documents and files. With Scrivener, everything is kept in the same literature and latte and organized accordingly, literature and latte. This is done in the binder. The biggest section of the binder is usually the manuscript, literature and latte. There are separate tabs for research, notes, brainstorming, etc. Tabs are customizable so you can make them whatever you want.

This binder allows you to keep your work neat and tidy without having to create multiple documents. One Scrivener file per project is all you need, literature and latte. Another one of the most enticing things about Scrivener is the way it breaks down your chapters and scenes. In Microsoft Word, literature and latte example, all your writing is done on one single document.

This makes editing and rearranging a rather tedious affair. Scrivner does things differently. It allows you to create a new document for each chapter. If you literature and latte to get more detailed, you can break it down even further to individual scenes, though this is optional. Each document is laid out in literature and latte binder where you can easily flip back and forth. Above you can literature and latte an example of the binder organized on the left and the cork board layout on the right.

Last but not least among our most popular features is the cork board. It is exactly what it sounds like — a virtual corkboard. Here you can pin virtual note cards to your virtual cork board. It can serve many purposes, though one of the most common is an outline. One note card can be created for each chapter, and then placed accordingly on the board, literature and latte.

That is only one way to do it, however. It is an literature and latte and versatile feature that everyone loves. Scrivener is available on Mac, Windows, and iOS. Scrivener also offers a bundle price if you want to buy for both Mac and Windows.

It is important to note that while Scrivener is available on both operating systems, the software is not the same on each. It was originally created for Mac so, literature and latte, unfortunately, the Windows version has always been a little bit behind. The development team is always working on and implementing updates. This makes it impossible to curate a list of all the variances as it would not be percent accurate for very long.

While Scrivener is amazing in many ways, some people might prefer a less robust alternative. Scrivner has a long list of features that some may find distracting at times. For a more sleek and simple literature and latte writing software, you can try Squibler.

Squibler offers a unique and easy to understand interface that helps you stay on task. The program aims to help you write and publish your book within 30 days. Scapple is a simpler piece of Literature and Latte software that is designed to help you with the earliest stages of the process.

Many writers use mindmaps during brainstorming. With Scapple, you no longer have to worry about connecting those thoughts with haphazard lines and arrows on paper. Scapple still uses those lines and arrows, but everything is done digitally, literature and latte.

This keeps it efficient and organized. On the surface, mind maps are a basic concept, literature and latte. Write a thought down, connect it to another thought. The process is simple, but a full mind map can look like anything. Each time you create a new note in Scapple, it is blank. There are no templates or formats for you to follow. Some people like to work off a templatebut with Scapple, that defeats the purpose. A mind map is meant to get your creativity flowing without restriction.

This is why every mind map will be different from the last. In addition to the layout of your mind map, Scapple allows you to customize the look. Each individual note within the mind map can be customized with styles and colors. Scapple includes a few default options:. This customization allows you to make your mind map whatever you want.

You can create multiple mind maps for the same project and color code them. Or, literature and latte, create one central mind map for your book, literature and latte, and use colors and styles to differentiate between chapters.

Unlike a piece of paper, the mind maps in Scapple are flexible and ever-changing. Have a new idea? Go back in and add it. Plans and ideas evolve as a project moves along. For example, new characters might come into play halfway through a story. Scapple gives you ultimate freedom in the ability to change your notes as your work progresses. Above you can see a very basic example of a Scapple mind map.

Notes can be given color-coded borders. They can be connected to each other in any way you want. Scapple has a zoom feature. This means your mind map will never run out of space. You can zoom out until you have hundreds of ideas on the page. When you want to focus in on a particular section, zoom back into that area and get typing.

Some people might still prefer to create entirely separate mind maps for different projects or ideas. But, this option to organize everything into one without cluttering things up is a fantastic one to have.

Whether a mind map is entirely finished or you just want to share it as is, you can export it. Scapple offers a few export options:. It can also be a way to preserve an older version of a mind map if you want to make extensive changes without losing the original ideas.

Printing it out is an alternative to saving multiple copies on your computer and taking up space. Lastly, the notes can also be dragged right into Scrivener. Because these two programs are compatible with each other, no copy and pasting, or exporting and importing is needed. This means that the trial allows you to use the product for a full 30 days.

Even after the two weeks have passed, you will have only used 4 days of the trial. This is the best way to structure literature and latte trial because there is no pressure to use it every single day for 30 days to make sure you like it.


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Literature and Latte is a company that all writers should know about. They have created two brilliant products that will benefit almost anyone who is trying to write a book or story of any kind. Literature and Latte software are fantastic tools but they do come at a cost. Literature & Latte Promo Codes & Coupons for September, Save with 3 active Literature & Latte promo codes, coupons, and free shipping deals. 🔥 Today's Top Deal: Save 25% and get free shipping. On average, shoppers save $27 using Literature & Latte coupons from We love writing. That's why we're here. Literature & Latte was born out of a desire for tools that embrace the creativity of all forms of composition. We make software we love to use—Scrivener, hugely popular among authors of all stripes, and Scapple, crafted for freeform note-taking. Scrivener.